Make a Gift

Please consider the Massachusetts Hospital School Foundation when thinking about your philanthropic interest.  Your financial support will make an enormous difference in the lives of the students who reside at Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children.

While the state of Massachusetts ensures that their medical and educational needs are met in a safe and healthy environment, your donation provides students with the tools and experiences they need to thrive and fully realize their potential as individuals.

For example, your gift will provide students with:

  • New equipment: To support the many recreational opportunities we offer the students
  • Switch Devices: Many of our students have complex needs, are physically limited and rely on augmentative devices for communication. Switch devices help students to access a computer, play independently, communicate with their families and peers and access a wide range of educational opportunities
  • Mobility Equipment: Our students benefit greatly from all terrain wheelchairs (to get out into the fresh air and visit our farm animals), adaptive tricycles, and individually designed mobility equipment
  • Educational and Therapeutic Games: Our students love to play games with their friends and not only is it fun and engaging, but games are fundamental for the progression and stimulation of critical mind and body functions

Ways To Give


Check or Credit Card

Making a donation by either check or credit card is a simple and straightforward way to make an impact! You can make your check out to the:

Massachusetts Hospital School Foundation and mail to:
Sue Hepler
Development Director
Massachusetts Hospital School Foundation
3 Randolph Street
Canton, MA

Online Donation

You can make a secure gift online. Making a gift online is one of the quickest and most secure ways to support the Massachusetts Hospital School Foundation. Please consider covering bank fees to make your gift go further.

Recurring Donations

Where commitment meets convenience, this option makes your ongoing, monthly support easy and more affordable.  Be sure to click the “Recurring” box on our online donation form and select your giving frequency from the drop-down menu.

Gifts of Stock

Making a gift of your appreciated assets may allow you to give more — about 20% more! — than if you sold the stock and made a cash donation. This is because donating stock helps you avoid a capital gains tax, which can be as high as 20% on long-term holdings (on stocks held for longer than one year) depending on your marital status and income.

Contact Sue Hepler at for more information.

In Tribute

The Massachusetts Hospital School Foundation is humbled that you have chosen to dedicate your gift to someone special in such a meaningful way. You may send a check to the Foundation in tribute to another individual or family.  Please be sure to include their name in any correspondence you send to the Foundation (i.e., I wish to make my gift in tribute to the following individual). The Foundation will send you an acknowledgment for your tax-deductible donation, and also inform the person or family of your thoughtfulness.

Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

Donor Advised Funds are a special type of investment account used exclusively for philanthropic giving. They are administered by a local community foundation or national sponsor like Fidelity, Schwab, or Vanguard and can be funded with cash or gifts of stock. Once your DAF is funded, you can let your investment grow or make a charitable gift right away. Either way, you receive an immediate tax benefit for your contribution. 

Matching Gift

Increase your impact! Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees, retirees, and/or spouses to contribute to charitable organizations. Most companies who offer these programs match dollar for dollar, and many will even double or triple the impact of your contribution. To get started, ask your employer if they support this initiative. 

IRA Charitable Rollover

Giving from your IRA is a tax-smart way to ensure Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital can best serve students and families. The IRA Charitable Rollover allows donors to make “qualified charitable contributions” directly from a retirement plan. Gifts up to $100,000 are excluded from federal income. For couples filing a joint tax return, each spouse can exclude up to $100,000, for a maximum of $200,000 each year. Donors interested in making a gift through their IRA are encouraged to consult with their financial advisor or retirement plan administrator.


Improving the lives of young children and adults with physical disabilities and other medical conditions requiring the need for hospital level care.