Canton Road Race

As you know, the 2022 Canton Road Race is scheduled for Sunday, September 25th at the Trillium Brewery in Canton, MA. For many years, Pappas has received generous funding from the proceeds of this race that has allowed it to do extraordinary things for our students.

This past year was no exception. With a generous gift from the proceeds of the 2021 road race, Pappas was able to purchase an Obi Independent Feeding Device; a groundbreaking device making independent dining possible for students with upper body extremity functionality limitations. This is an incredible addition to the hospital and what it can now provide to our students. We’d like to thank all of the companies and individuals who supported the 2021 Canton Road Race for your generosity.

If you need an extra push to join this year’s race, just think of all the students you’ll be helping at Pappas live a fuller, healthier and more independent life… so get out your running shoes and get into the race…

Registration is open:

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